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Puj Jhulelal Mandir, Chaliha Sahib Trust, Ulhasnagar-5

About Chaliha Sahib Mandir

Chaliha Sahib Mandir Gate

Puj Jhulelal Mandir, Chaliha Sahib Trust is situated near B.G. Tilak School, Ulhasnagar-5. Post Partition, this is the first Jhulelal Mandir of India. This was built by some of the Sindhis who migrated to Kalyan Camp. Ulhasnagar name to city was given later. Chaliha Sahib Mandir is well known for Akhand Jyot and murtis of various Gods that can be found here.

Akhand Jyot of Chaliha Sahib Mandir

This is the Original Akhand Jyot brought by our Ancestors, Mr.Watumal, Mr. Mangalmal, Mr.Mithumal, Mr.Rangalmal, Mr.Mangumal, Mr.Kotumal, Mr. Narumal, Mr.Harpaldas, Mr.Sundardas. This was brought during the partition in 1947 from Puj Chalihasahib Mandir Peergoath in Sindh. And this Akhand Jyot was born around 1897 AD in Peergoath. This Akhand jyot has had guided many of Sindhis for more than three generations as referred by Mr. Kanyalal.